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Snowkiting Boží Dar

Snowkiting Boží Dar

Snowkiting School, Rental and Shop

Should you wish to try a new, unusual sport and walking in snowshoes is a “cakewalk”, try snowkiting. The beauty of this sport lies in the connection of snowboarding and using a special kite. You just get the kite into the air and let yourself pull across the snow plains and slopes. You can start in every age. In Boží Dar, professional instructors from the local Kite School will be happy to teach you the basics of snowkiting.

Best Kite School & Shop Boží Dar offers:

  • Snowkiting courses (half-a-day, 1 day, 2 days, 1 week)
  • Information, consultancy (within the course and also individual)
  • Kite equipment rental
  • Shop with equipment for kite and snowboard
  • Snowboard rental
  • Gift vouchers for snowkiting lessons
informacePeople interested in this sport are recommended to attend a training course under experienced instructor guidance first (lending of the necessary equipment is included). Further information about snowkiting in Boží Dar:

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