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Multipurpose Sports Facility Boží Dar

A multipurpose sports facility was established in Boží Dar. Its construction was made possible by NEMOS PLUS Ltd., with the financial support from EU-Program ROP Severozápad and with the cooperation of the town of Boží Dar. Boží Dar provided the land. The sports facility has artificial grass surface and is divided into two parts – a tennis court and a playing field that suitable for handball, small-sided football, volleyball, basketball and other ball games played on the artificial grass surface. During the winter season the larger court can be converted into an ice ring and therefore there are placed boards around the side. To cover visitors’ needs the area features locker rooms with sanitary facilities. The opportunity of playing many sports will definitely be taken by both visitors and local people.

The multipurpose sports facility is located behind the guest house Engadin.

The sports ground is accessible every day from 4/15/2016 and is open from 8:00 – 20:00. On weekends, opening hours can be prolonged until 22:00, depending on the weather.

The sports facility can be reserved in advance. To make a reservation, please contact the facility keeper Mr. Dušek. He can be reached at the phone number 774 701 505. Ticket prices may vary according to the current price list. Pay the facility keeper for your tickets.

Ceník vč. provozního řádu zde.

We provide permanent passes for regular visitors. A permanent pass for adults allows 20 entrances and it costs 1000,- Kč. A permanent pass for children costs 500,- Kč. Both of these passes are portable and you can purchase them at the Tourist Office Boží Dar.

We are beckoning all sport lovers to the grand opening of this spring season in Boží Dar.

pdf.png Multipurpose Sports Facility - Operating Rules

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