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Cross-country Skiing in Boží Dar: Trails, Tracks, Paths

Boží Dar has due to its mountain location one indisputable advantage that will be appreciated especially by cross-country skiers. It's an early snow. In the area of Boží Dar you can enjoy cross-country skiing in groomed tracks when the other ski resorts are still getting ready for winter. In this part of the Krušné hory mountains, more than 120 km trails of different difficulty are at your disposal.

Cross-country Trails nearby Boží Dar

Take the advantage of tens of kilometres of groomed cross-country trails near Boží Dar. If you find the Czech trails short, you can "run over" to Germany using any of the tourist crossings.

Here you can see the current status of groomed ski trails Boží Dar and its surroundings »

Name Length State
1 Boží Dar - Pernink (Jelení, Nové Hamry) KLM 15 km groomed runs
2 Za Špičákem - Hubertky - směr Fichtelberg ( D ) SM 6 km groomed runs
3 Okruh Boží Dar - okolo Špičáku - Boží Dar 10 km groomed runs
4 Špičácký okruh pro skating 6 km groomed runs
5 Okruh Karlův běh 20 km groomed runs
6 Okruh Božím Darem 4 km groomed runs
7 Okruh okolo Mysliven 7 km groomed runs
8 Boží Dar - Plešivec 11 km groomed runs
9 Boží Dar - Hubertky - směr Tellerhauser ( D ) 4 km groomed runs
10 Boží Dar - hranice - směr Fichtelberg (D) 2 km groomed runs
11 Boží Dar - hranice - směr Breitenbrunn (D) 6 km passable
12 Okruhy Jahodovka 1 km -
13 Boží Dar - Klínovec 5 km -

Cross-country Trails around Kurort Oberwiesenthal

On the German side of the Krušné hory mountains near the spa town Oberwiesenthal you can find about 75 km of cross-country trails, paths and hiking trails.

Ski Circuits
Kreuzbrückfelsenloipe 5,6 km
Aussichtsloipe 6,8 km
Höhenloipe 5,0 km
Loipe zur Skiarena 6,0 km
EL Eliteloipen 5,0 km

Approach to trails

Neudorf Bahnhof - Skiwanderweg Bärenstein 0,6 km
Parkplatz Crottendorfer Straße - Siebensäure 2,2 km
Neudorf Straße der Freundschaft - Siebensäure 2,2 km
Neudorf Einkaufsmarkt (Parkplatz) - Siebensäure 2,2 km
Cranzahl - Bärenstein 2,0 km

Ski-hiking trails

Neudorfer Skiwanderweg 16,0 km
Tellerhäuser Skiwanderweg 19,5 km
Skiwanderweg nach Hammerunterwiesenthal 5,0 km
Skiwanderweg nach Bärenstein 7,5 km
Skiwanderweg Hundsmartertrasse 15,0 km
Skimagistrale zum Deutschen Gehau 6,0 km
Skiwanderweg Rittersgrün-Tellerhäuser 8,0 km

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