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Boží Dar vicinity as seen from the bike: Cycling Tracks, Tours and Downhill Tracks

Most of cycling tracks run along Krušnohorská magistrála (The Ore Mountains Cross-Country Skiing Trail) which is winding through the Ore Mountains (Krušné hory). Cross-country skiers can enjoy the tracks during the winter and tourists and cyclists can enjoy the tracks during the summer. There are more than 400 km of tracks that offer a lot of different terrain options for everybody. On bike, you also can visit Germany, which borders the Czech Republic, by linking up to Sachsen cycling tracks.

informaceWhile exploring the Ore Mountains you can use cyclo-buses and bike transport. Detail information about all tracks, prices, bus timetables, maps and a guide » you can get at the Tourist Office Boží Dar.

Lukáš Bauer Tour and Jens Weissflog Tour

Two border crossing tracks are for hikers, cyclists and also for cross-country skiers. They are connected to the network of the Czech-German border tracks. Číst dál...

Less demanding biking routes (both road bikes and trek bikes)

Less difficult tracks lead mostly on roadways and roads. It can also run on maintained forest paths. Tracks are not marked out in a special way for bikers. Číst dál...

informaceOre Mountains are crossed by several cyclo-buses lines. You can find more information about these lines on the Autobusy Karlovy Vary company website.

More demanding biking routes  (mountain bikes)

These tracks are recommended mostly for mountain bikes. You can take some shortened tracks on a trek bike. Číst dál...

Klínovec downhill tracks (very difficult)

A funicular Prima Express provides an opportunity of taking your bikes up to Klínovec – the highest peak of the Ore Mountains. Číst dál...

informaceCyclists also can use hiking tracks. Hiking tracks are usually less strenuous and lead to interesting places and sights.

Cyklotrasy MTB

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