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Klínovec downhill tracks

A funicular Prima Express provides an opportunity of taking your bikes up to the highest peak of the Ore Mountains Klínovec for free. A boarding station is located 3 km away from Jáchymov and you get there from a roundabout taking the street “K Lanovce”.

Downhill Klínovec is a downhill track for mountain bikes. Downhill discipline has a long tradition on Klínovec and the Czech Championships was held on its legendary rocky tracks.

Downhill track was under reconstruction in 2015. In 2016 it will be extended by 1 km long forest section, which will replace an unpopular finish of the track on a pebble gravel road. Current sections will also be rearranged – there will be several rock gardens added. More forest sections will be added in the future.

Visitors can use many facilities including a restaurant, a refreshment kiosk, a bike rental shop, a bike equipment shop, a bike repair shop, a washing service and showers for riders.

Required equipment is a high-quality, fully sprung downhill or free ride bike with at least 180 mm of lift on front fork and on back shock absorber. Use only a bike which is in great technical condition. Check the condition of bike before every ride. An integrated helmet with an irremovable chin protective pad, spin, knees and elbows protective pads and gloves are also strictly required. Recommended equipment are glasses, special trousers made for downhill riding, a chest protective pad, cervical spine, collarbone, shoulders and shin protecting pads.

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informaceOn Klínovec, Czech Championship in downhill biking and other races are held every year.

Downhill Klínovec track

The south hillside of Klínovec is divided into three important contour lines tracks. They are called Zlatá cesta, Pašerácká cesta and Ve Schwarzu. All three tracks cross the downhill track. The most interesting one is Ve Schwarzu, which goes under the steep hillsides in Černý les. 

1 Ke Zlaté cestě
2 Nad Pašeráckou (Vancouver)
3 Pod Pašeráckou
4 Ve Schwarzu


informaceYou can purchase cycle-maps at the Tourist Office Boží Dar.

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