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Kaple Sv. Jana Nepomuckého na Mílově

Chapel of St. John of Nepomuk in Mílov

The original settlement Mílov came to existence around 1546, and like many other settlements in the Ore Mountains was founded by miners. In 1582, in the mining written reports, the name "der halben Meil" first appeared which means "half a mile". Earlier, this village stretched on both sides along the Czech - Saxon border. It is 4.5 km far from the village Breitenbrunn which is according to historical measures "half a mile." In the 18th century, there were 3 residential houses in the German side and 4 houses in the Czech side.

Around 1830, Christoph Glaser ordered to build a chapel in Czech Mílov which was dedicated to St. John of Nepomuk and served to prayers of Czech and German inhabitants, but also travellers and pilgrims on the old Jáchymov road between Boží Dar and Breitenbrunn. The historical events of the World War II interrupted the neighbourly coexistence of the Czech and German population in the border region. After 1945, the residents of the 9 houses left. In 1953, the houses including the Chapel of St. John of Nepomuk were razed to the ground and some years later a border zone with watchtowers was built here.

In 2013, it has been exactly 60 years from its destruction. Therefore, the idea to restore it appeared. The new chapel built on the existing foundations is going to become a pilgrimage and tourist destination with historical and spiritual dimension and the symbol of re-uniting of both nations and forgiveness. Thus a new place for spontaneous meetings between Czechs and Germans in common prayer and meditation was created. The pilgrimage trail from Boží Dar and Breitenbrunn to the chapel will recall the places of the original settlement and its turbulent history.

During construction, original stones and granite cladding in windows and doors were used, and as a reminder of defunct settlement Mílov, one granite stone from each of the original nine houses was placed in the floor of the chapel.

On 17th May 2014, the chapel was consecrated by Czech and German pastors arousing a huge public interest.

The two last surviving men born in Mílov took part in the consecration of the chapel together with more than 600 fans of the Ore Mountains from both sides of the border. A great thanks belongs to everyone who participated in the reconstruction of the chapel, especially the towns Breitenbrunn and Boží Dar.

Commemorative postcard of the reconstruction of the chapel in Mílov is available in the tourist office in Boží Dar.

How you get to the chapel

The chapel is located in the place of former settlement Mílov. From Boží Dar, you can follow the big round trail of “Ježíškova cesta” (Baby Jesus Path) to the water reservoir Myslivna. Here you turn right to Zlatý kopec (Golden Hill) and after about 500 metres you take the first turn left to the so-called “Mílovská cesta” (Mílov Road) which will take you directly to the chapel. This road is closed for cars. You can walk or ride a bike.

Length of route
Boží Dar - Myslivny 5 km
Myslivny - Mílov 6 km

From Boží Dar to Myslivny, you can go by car and park there. The length of the route by road is 4 km.

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