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Baby Jesus Post Office in Boží Dar

Christmas Baby Jesus Post Office in Boží Dar

The fact that Baby Jesus lives in Boží Dar and deals with his mail here might not be known by many children and their parents. The best part is that children need not wait for Christmas and can "meet" Baby Jesus at several locations throughout the year. They can walk in the footsteps of Baby Jesus. After completing the Baby Jesus Trail, they will receive small gifts. During the year, they can also leave their wishes in Baby Jesus Post Office.

Baby Jesus Post Office

Since 1994, there is Baby Jesus Post office in Boží Dar. Postcard, letters and wishes for your loved ones can be sent for the whole year by mail to the address Vánoční pošta, Boží Dar 1, 362 62, or in person, put it in the special Baby Jesus post box. All parcels intended for stamping must be provided with the destination address and a postage stamp corresponding with the actual destination. In December, all franked postcards and letters are stamped with commemorative Christmas stamp and sent back to the address listed. Every year, there is new special Christmas stamp

Baby Jesus Post Office Address:

Vánoční Pošta
Boží Dar 1
362 62 Boží Dar

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