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The spa town Jáchymov is ideal for day trips. There are interesting monuments, a museum and natural attractions. Many various cultural events often take place here. There are also shops, small shops and stalls with various goods, restaurants, pubs, bars and other services.

A little bit of the history of Jáchymov...

Jáchymov is mentioned for the first time in medieval writings in 1510. Thanks to the silver mining under the baton of the noble house of Slik, the town experienced a huge rise soon after its foundation. Silver dollars, which the Sliks minted here, even gave name to the US dollars. With the end of the silver mining came the end of the "Golden times" of Jáchymov. Jáchymov is also inextricably linked to the discovery of the element radium by Marie Curie Sklodowska. In the second half of the 20th century, uranium mines arose here where political prisoners were forced to work very hard. In connection with the uranium extraction, numerous work camps were established around Jáchymov. It is now an internationally popular spa town offering unique radon treatment.

From Boží dar to Jáchymov...

Jáchymov is about 9 km to the south of Boží Dar. For walking and cycling tours, you can use green and yellow hiking trails. Follow the green trail and you will come to the the museum located in the Royal Mint, the yellow trail will take you past the bottom station of the chair lift to Klínovec to the spa centre of the town. If you need anything, the local tourist office will be happy to help and answer your questions.

informaceAnother very popular way to get to Jáchymov is to use a chair lift from the top of the highest mountain of the Ore Mountains - Klínovec. You may take your bikes on the chair lift free of charge.

Attractions of Jáchymov...

It's worth noticing the many sights, such as the building of the Town Hall, the Church of St. Joachim, some of the houses on the square, Slik Castle and more.

informaceFor more information, visit the website of the spa town Jáchymov.

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