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Arrival and Parking in Boží Dar

Arrival and Parking in Boží Dar

How to arrive, drive and park in the town of Boží Dar

On the access roads to the town there are road signs "Residential zone" installed and their end is marked with the traffic sign "End of residential zone". Therefore, we would like to highlight that in the residential area:

- pedestrians are allowed to use the road in its entirety,

- children's plays on the road are allowed,

- the driver may drive at a speed not exceeding 20 km/hr,

- the driver has to be more considerate towards pedestrians, who must not be endangered and, if necessary, the driver has to stop the vehicle,

- parking is only allowed in places designated as parking lots. 

The Municipal Council kindly asks visitors to respect traffic signs and not to enter the areas banned for motor vehicles without the proper permission hereof, thus avoiding possible financial penalties and loss of penalty points.


Parking directly in the town is reserved only for residential parking. This restriction also applies to the parking lot "At the church".

The central parking lot CITY PARKING BOŽÍ DAR is located below and opposite the OMV petrol station, the first 20 minutes of free parking, the 24-hour parking fee amounts at CZK 100 with the possibility of payment in cash or by card.

The parking lot of the Novako Ski Resort serves for visitors of the ski resort (free parking). The parking fee for other visitors is CZK 100/ day.

We look forward to your visit.

Parking on top of Klínovec

Parking fee is paid only in winter.

Parkoviště Klínovec

Parking price list
The first hour free
2 hour 50,-Kč
Each additional hour 25,-Kč
Max. per day 150,-Kč

Parking fee is paid at the box office
For customers of ski rental MONTANA, parking is free of charge.

The prices of gasoline and diesel fuel

Čerpací stanice Boží Dar Natural 95 (E5)
Natural MaxxMotion 100 (E5)
Diesel (B7)
38,20 CZK
44,90 CZK
44,30 CZK

Web cams Boží Dar ring road

Watch footage from the webcams located above the ring road. It offers you two views, one in the direction of Germany and one in the direction of Karlovy Vary.

teplotaCurrent temperature: 7.0 °C

Web camera direction of Germany

webová kamera

Web camera direction of Karlovy Vary

webová kamera

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