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Snowboarding Boží Dar

Snowboarding Boží Dar – Snow Parks Krušné hory Mountains

In Boží Dar, Ski resort Neklid, you can find the first Czech Snow Park which has remained popular up to the present days. However, it is not the only possibility for snowboarders staying in Boží Dar or nearby. Other snow parks are only a few kilometres further in Klínovec or in Kurort Oberwiesenthal.

Snow Park Neklid

The snow park area offers obstacles and jumps for beginners, advanced skiers and professionals. Every year, the Czech Cup races and different amateur races take place regularly here. The snow park is open daily from 9:00 to 16:00 o’clock. Several snowboarding schools and one ski rental are in service here. You can refresh yourself in local fast food restaurant.

Obstacles and jumps
Table Studánka 14 + 8 m
Table Bejčák 12 + 5 m
Table Skok U Chaty 11 m
Table Big Ben 9 + 3 m
Nitro rail length 7 m, height 60 cm, Double Pipeslide
Nitro box 1 length 3 m, height 60 cm
Nitro box 2 length 4 m, height 60 cm
Nitro kick box 4 + 5 m
Handrail straight no.1 length 6 m, height 1.1 m – Triple Pipeslide
Handrail straight no.2 length 11 m, height 1.1 m – Triple Pipeslide
Handrail straight no.3 length 6 m, height 1.8 m – Single Pipeslide
Rainbow length 10 m, height 1,6 m, Triple Pipeslide
Flat Down rail length 4 + 5 m, Double Pipeslide (with a patent joint)
Slide box length 5 m, width 50 cm, height 1.1 m
Slide box "C" length 9 m, width 40 cm, height 1 m
Slide box "Z" length 11 m, width 40 cm, height 1 m
Plastic tube no.1 length 6 m, diameter 25 cm
Plastic tube no.2 length 3.1 m, diameter 30 cm
Slide box "Kicker" length 10 m, width 40 cm, height 2 m
Slide box – box for beginners length 5 m, width 40 cm, height 0.5 m
Handrail - speed rail length 8 m, height 1 m, Double Pipeslide
Nitro rail length 4 m, height 70 cm
informaceTwo permanently employed shapers and 2 piste machines are in charge of excellent conditions in the snow park. Technical snow is used in the snow park. The snow park is lighted.

Snow Park Klínovec

The snow park in Klínovec is popular especially for its excellent obstacles and jumps. Still, it offers much more. You can find here the ski rental, snowboarding schools, buffets and everything that comes with a proper ski resort. You can ski here daily from 8:30 till 16:00 with depending on the snow conditions.

snowpark Klínovec  snowpark Klínovec

Obstacles and jumps

  • Pyramid (h 5 m, w 2 m, l 3 m)
  • Table with jump and Flat Down box (length of jump 4 m, length of box 2 x 4 m)
  • Table with jumps and radius (length of jump 8 m, length of jump 12 m, radius 4 m)
  • Butter box (h 3 m, w 6 m, l 10 m)
  • Table with jump (length of jump 6 m)
  • Table with jump (length of jump 4 m)
  • Table with jump (length of jump 5 m)
  • Table with jump (length of jump 6 m)
  • A-rail box (l 15m (3 x 5 m)
  • Table with a log (according to snow conditions)
  • Rainbow box (length 8 m)
  • Kink rail (according to snow conditions)
  • Board cross trail (several bumps, 6 Flat Downs, 3 jumps, 1 small tunnel with a jump)
  • Shapers + Chill zone
informaceSnowmaking in the snow park is done by several snow cannons. The piste machines take care of the snow park maintenance.

Snow Park Fichtelberg

In the west part of the Ski resort Fichtelberg, there is a smaller snow park located with a Half-pipe. Next to it, there is a blue slope 850 metres long. You can enjoy the night-time opening hours from 17:00 till 21:00. Prices are reasonable (even for Czechs). Similar to the Czech resorts, ski rentals and ski/snowboarding schools offer their services here.

Snowpark Fichtelberg  Snowpark Fichtelberg

Obstacles and Jumps

  • Half-pipe 110 m
  • Big kicker
  • Fun box
  • 3 Pipes

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