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In the footsteps of miners

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The Czech-Bavarian geopark is a prime area with signs of millions of years of geological processes along major structure, the so-called Eger Rift. Geological diversity of the area is highlighted by deposits of brown coal, ceramic raw materials, ores and precious metals. Apart from the many rare minerals, there are also mineral springs and other geological phenomena such as bubbling mofettes or weak earthquakes. Many places are protected as natural and technical monuments. Cultural and scientific importance of the landscape was shaped by world-known personalities of geology and science as Georgius Agricola, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Kašpar Šternberk, Alexander Humboldt, Marie Curie-Sklodowska and other.

Rich mineral deposits on the territory of the Geopark were extensively used already in the Middle Ages. After their mining, a large number of mining sites of immense cultural and historical importance were preserved. Some sites have already become popular tourist destinations. Many others remain inaccessible to the public for the time being. At present in Karlovy Vary Region, brown coal and some industrial minerals are mined in large extend. The task is to smooth the consequences of this activity, so as to revitalize the complete landscape.

The cross border Czech-Bavarian geopark consists of three national geoparks – the National geoparks Egeris and GeoLoci on the Czech side and the National geopark Bayern-Böhmen in the Bavarian side.

Mining-historically significant sites in the Geopark

Geopark Egeria

Abertamy-Hřebečná, Boží Dar, Čistá-důl Jeroným, Dlouhá stoka, Družba, Horní Blatná, Horní Slavkov, Jáchymov, Krásno, Nejdek-Vysoká Pec, Oloví, Přebuz, Rotava, Staré Sedlo, Šindelová.

Geopark GeoLoci

Historical museum Planá, Chodová Planá, Křivce, Lazurový vrch, Michalovy Hory, Nová Ves - V Remíze, Rumělka u Bezdružic, Stříbro, Trdlina, Úterý, Vidice - Sedlový vrch, Výškovice, Záchlumí.

Geopark Bayern-Böhmen

Arzberg, Bad Berneck, Erbendorf, Fichtelberg, Goldkronach, Neualbenreuth, Pegnitz, Pfaffenreuth, Pleystein, Waidhaus-Hagendorf, Warmensteinach, Weißenstadt, Wunsiedel.

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