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+420 603 539 020
Užitečné informace Boží Dar

Useful information in Boží Dar

Mountain Rescue Service

  • In the case of health problems there is a Mountain Rescue Service available in Boží Dar, which is located next to the fire station
  • Boží Dar No. 204
  • Tel.: +420 353 815 140 or line 1210

The Fire Department

  • The fire station is located opposite the OMV petrol station
  • Boží Dar No. 200
  • Tel.: +420 604 258 398

Tourist Office

  • contact and more information here

Petrol station

Čerpací stanice Boží Dar Natural 95 (E10)
Natural MaxxMotion 100 (E5)
Diesel (B7)
39,20 CZK
41,30 CZK
36,60 CZK

  • At the petrol station you can buy: newspapers, magazines, snacks, drinks, confectionery, prepaid telephone cards, automotive accessories
  • Boží Dar No. 199
  • Tel.: +420 353 815 045


  • New two-cash cash machines for cash withdrawal were placed on Bozi Dar.
    At ATM ATMs you can choose CZK + EURO.
    ATMs are located at the bus stop and in the lobby of the Town Hall on Bozi Dar.

    ATM operation time

    ATM ATM bus stop - operation continuously
    ATM ATM hall hall ground floor of Town Hall - operation daily from 8.00 to 18.00

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