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Tips for trips

Tips for trips

hezké počasí In nice weather

Baby Jesus Path

  • Suitable for walking and cycling – a small circle of 6 km, a large circle of 13 km
  • A trip full of fun and tasks - answers are written into Baby Jesus’ notebook (to pick up at the tourist office for 30,- Kč) and after you submit the completed notebook you get a little reward

Children's world NOVAKO

  • Ride on mountain scooters and carts
  • Attractions for kids
  • Snacks
  • More info:

Klínovec lookout tower

  • The refurbished lookout tower offers a view of the landscape of the Czech Republic and Germany

Chair lift Jáchymov-Klínovec

  • Follow the yellow hiking trail to the bottom station of the chair lift that takes you to Klínovec

Sportcentre Klínovec

Boží Dar Peat Bog

  • 3.2 km long trail, 12 information boards
  • Part of the national nature reserve in which many rare species of plants and animals can be found

Border stone

  • 150 m from the former border crossing
  • Three-sided stone with emblems of three countries (Czech Republic, Saxony and the territory of the Schwarzenberg dynasty)

The Wolf Pits

  • Natural monument which in its deepest spot reaches a depth of 85 m
  • There is also the Ice hole which is 15 m deep and where snow remains all year round

Lookout tower Blatenský vrch

  • 2 km from the town of Horní Blatná
  • 21 m high stone lookout tower with 85 steps offers views of the Ore Mountains

Plešivec hill

  • Attractions – rope centre, giant swing and more
  • More on

Fichtelberg Railway (DE)

  • The steam train on the narrow-gauge railway - Oberwiesenthal-Cranzahl
  • Length approx. 18 km, 9 stops

Lookout tower Fichtelberg (DE)

  • The cable car and chair lift takes you to the top of Fichtelberg

Bobsled track Oberwiesenthal (DE)

  • 4 km from Boží Dar

Castle park Ostrov

  • Historical monument
  • More information at the tourist office in Ostrov

Chapel Mílov

  • Pilgrimage and tourist destination
  • The newly refurbished chapel was opened in 2013 on the site of the original ruined chapel
  • It is located in the direction of Potůčky


  • 6 km to the west of Boží Dar
  • Commemoration of the Church – a reverential cross, a miniature of the church and a cairn with a commemorative plate

špatné počasí In bad weather

Marine Aquarium Oberwiesenthal (DE)

  • 6 km from Boží Dar
  • 17 m of coral reef, surrounded by colourful fish, seahorses and plants
  • Exhibition of spiders, beetles, crabs and snails

Fichtelberg Railway (DE)

  • The steam train on the narrow-gauge railway - Oberwiesenthal-Cranzahl
  • Length approx. 18 km, 9 stops

Freizeitbad Greifensteine (DE)

  • Water world in Geyer, 37 km from Boží Dar
  • Swimming pools and water attractions, restaurants, wellness centre, sauna

Aquacentrum Jáchymov

  • Aquatics centre built in 2009 with new equipment
  • Swimming pools, saunas, whirlpool, Kneipp’s pavement, a steam box and more
  • More info on

Boží Dar Museum

  • The exposition about the history of Boží Dar, rustic interior, minerals of the Ore Mountains, Christmas nativity scenes and more

Museum Jáchymov

  • It is located above the Town Hall in the building of the former Royal Mint
  • The exhibits include examples of mineral wealth, silver mining with a movable model, historical books and more

Museum Horní Blatná

Exhibition "Glove making in Abertamy"

  • Guided tours only on order
  • Projection of a film about glove making is a part of the tour

Museum of an air battle over the Ore Mountains

  • Kovářská, approx. 14 km from Boží Dar
  • Exhibits of aviation during World War II

Mineshaft "The Promised Land"

Mineshaft No. 1 Jáchymov

  • Mining museum approx. 150 m from the mine Svornost

Mineshaft Johannes

  • A unique mineshaft where mining took place as early as the 16th century
  • Booking or in the Tourist office in Boží Dar
  • It is located in the direction of Golden Hill (Zlatý Kopec)

Mineshaft Christopher - Hřebečná

Castle Schwarzenberg (DE)

  • A medieval castle which holds collections of the town of Schwarzenberg, tin tableware, objects of the Ore Mountains art and more
  • It is located 25 km from Boží Dar in the direction of Annaberg

Cheese manufacture Abertamy (shop)

  • Natural farm cheeses made from cow's, sheep's and goat's milk
  • Address: Farní 28, Abertamy

The hospital church in Jáchymov

  • The centre of Jáchymov
  • 1st hospital – doctor Agricola

Horní Hrad (The Upper Castle) - Hauenstein

  • In the direction of Chomutov
  • The cultural monument castle and chateau from the middle of the 13th century

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