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Jízda parní lokomotivou Oberwiesenthal–Cranzahl

Ride the steam train Oberwiesenthal - Cranzahl

Neighboring Saxony is crossed by several narrow-gauge railways where you can take a ride on a train pulled by a steam engine. One such - Fichtelbergbahn (Fichtelberg railway) runs on a railway Kurort Oberwiesenthal - Cranzahl and back. The ride on the train propelled by steam, in carriages produced in the years 1913-1932 will be a great experience not only for children but also for adults.

informaceThe steam train runs on Fichtelberg railroad every day. During some German holidays, special trains with special programs are dispatched. "Easter ride" is very popular.

When riding on Fichtelberg railway, you can visit many interesting places. At most of the 9 stops many attractions are prepared for visitors. In Neudorf, you can find Soup Museum; in Unterwiesenthal, you can visit a farm where they keep alpacas; at the station in Oberwiesenthal you can visit the technical background of the station etc.

Route length 17 km
Maximum speed 30 km/hod
Driving time in one direction approx. 1 hour
The number of stops on the route 9
Ticket sales Kurort Oberwiesenthal, Cranzahl
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