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Blatenský vodní příkop

Blatná Water Ditch

In the 16th century, the necessary requirement for the extraction and processing of ores in the mining districts was enough of hydropower. Natural water ways and artificial channels were used to drive water-mining equipment and processing units and also for transportation of the structural wood and firewood.

This was the case in Horní Blatná tin grounds too. For it, water ditch was built on the northern edge of the Boží Dar peat bogs going further through Myslivny, Ryžovna, Bludná and northern slopes of the Blatenský hill to Horní Blatná where it was piped and led to Blatenský potok (creek).

The water ditch remained functional for centuries. As a source of water for industrial plants and fire protection, it was regularly maintained until 1945. In 1980, it was declared a cultural monument and in the period from 1995 to 2001, it was completely renovated.

The Blatná Water Ditch leads over the grounds of Boží Dar, Potůčky and Horní Blatná. It is bordered by a nature trail which starts near Boží Dar and joins the nature trail Vlčí jámy (Wolf Pits) near Horní Blatná.

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