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Pomník Antona Günthera Boží Dar

Monument of Anton Günther Boží Dar

In Boží Dar, you can visit a monument built in memory of Boží Dar native, folk poet and singer, who was inspired by the beauty of countryside and life in the Ore Mountains. You can find the monument on the square next to the town hall. The grave of Anthon Günther is placed in the local graveyard.

informaceMore about the life of Anton Günther can be found in webpage „Famous people from Boží Dar“.

Every year at the monument of Anton Günther, a commemorative event particularly popular with its German supporters is organised. If you want to listen to the author's songs, you can visit his monument every year on the first Saturday after 5th June (or exactly on 5th June, if that day falls on a Saturday), when there "Anton Günther´s Singing" is held.

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informaceIn Boží Dar, the path or better the round trail of Anton Günther starts and finishes. “The Trail of Anton Günther” follows the ridges of the Ore Mountains and is about 65 km long.
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