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Potůčky is a small border village which attracts tourists not only to winter sports and hiking all year round, but especially to convenient shopping at its huge market. Thanks to the border crossing Potůčky-Johangeorgenstadt, it is an important tourist centre.

A little bit of the history of Potůčky...

As well as the surrounding villages, Potůčky were established due to the mining activities in the Ore Mountains. The ores were mined here as early as the 16th century but the village was officially founded in 1654. It got its typical Czech name after 1945, until then it was referred to as Breitenbach. In addition to ore mining, the production of cobalt blue for colouring glass and ceramics prospered in the village.

From Boží Dar to Potůčky…

Potůčky lies 16 km west of Boží Dar. In addition to the road, you can get here along the red tourist trail and a bike trail of the Ore Mountains main cross-country skiing route.

Attractions of Potůčky…

  • sports complex (tennis court)
  • a huge Vietnamese market

In Potůčky you will also find 300 m long ski slope. After the war only a few monuments were left, for example the church of the Visitation of Our Lady, or the former Dreckschänke hotel.

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